The Parish School of Religion offers many ways for you to contribute your time and talent to the youth of the parish.  Listed below are job descriptions for some of these.


CATECHIST:  Teach a one hour class either Sunday morning or Wednesday evening for the PSR school year.  You are provided with all necessary materials and Diocesan training.  


CLASSROOM AIDE:  Assist the catechist in the classroom by taking attendance, handing out flyers, running errands, etc.


SUBSTITUTE CATECHIST:    Teach a class occasionally when a catechist is unable to be there.  Usually a lesson plan is provide by the catechist for you to follow.  Previous catechist experience is helpful.


OFFICE AIDE:  Help out in the PSR office during class time by making copies, assisting catechists with supplies, picking up attendance slips, and supervising the general comings and goings in the PSR hallways.



For more information call the PSR Office (822-4480 ext. 21) or send us an email: