OREMUS, a prayer ministry of the Spirituality Commission, has placed three Prayer Intention Boxes in the Church. One is under the picture of the Last Supper downstairs at the South entrance to the church and the others are upstairs on the wall between Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Holy Family and in the Chapel. Everyone is invited to write their prayer intentions/needs (for themselves or others) on the white form and place them in one of the boxes. The 200+ members of OREMUS regularly pray for the intentions in the boxes as well as the intentions of the Holy Father and our Pastor, Fr. Kelly. The intentions in the boxes are known only to God and the writers. On the last day of each month, they are removed and destroyed without human review.

If you would like to join this wonderful, powerful, east ministry please complete a blue form and place it in a box. You will be asked to say a specific prayer once a week and you will receive a monthly newsletter. There are no meetings or other obligations involved.