Human Concerns / Outreach

Chair: Inge Waddle & John O'Sullivan

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of every month

Our Mission

The Human Concerns Committee – Outreach Commission serves the community of St. Peter’s to increase parish awareness and sensitivity to the social and economic needs of our times. Our mission is part of the broader mission of the Church, which is based on the life and teaching of Jesus Christ – a life that is revealed to us in Holy Scriptures.

In His Name

In this fast-paced and affluent society, we desire to integrate our faith in Christ with our everyday lives. Prayer, study, and personal action help us to raise our consciousness, and that of our community on issues of peace and justice.  Our goal is to transform our values, priorities, policies, and actions to be in line with our faith as followers of Christ.

“You see now that it is by deeds, and not only by believing, that someone is justified…..As a body without spirit is dead so is faith without deeds.” James 2:24,26

Present special needs:

Please bring non-perishable food items to mass every Sunday.  They will be distributed to agencies that provide services to the poor.

Angel Tree:

Food & Clothing Drives:

Baby Shower: