Adult Ed

Whether you are looking for answers to your questions, a source for prayers and devotions, a passage from the bible or simply Catholic fellowship, you've come to the right place.

Nothing in this life is more important than to discover God's purpose for you and to live that out faithfully in His life of grace.

As the Catechism says so well, "God made you to know, love and serve Him in this life and to spend all eternity in happiness with Him in the life to come."

The Second Vatican Council reminds each of us that holiness is not only for the clergy, the religious, the cloistered... each of us is called to live a life of saintly holiness in the ordinary happenings of our daily life, no matter what our state in life might be.

The purpose of the Adult Education department is to assist the pastor in the evangelization, education and formation of men and women of good will who wish to enter into a deeper relationship with God, to advance in the prayer life and to attain Heaven.

So come join us!